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about pia









Pia is an independent International LifeStyle Coach, with many successful teams under her wings.


Being a catalyst for individuals and involved in founding several pioneering companies, from napkin-idea to millions in profit.


As a Business owner, CEO, public speaker, investor and educator Pia travels the world, onsite & online.

“The world is my workplace and playground. I endeavor to make every day a special day. I love the scene in the old movie -Sideways-, when Miles chooses to make any day special… and I love the fighting spirit in -Any Given Sunday-. After all, nothing is impossible, and every day is special”

Inspirational Profit

Pia ́s broad and unique experience focusing on results and solid knowledge of physical and mental training, is hard to beat. Her infectious personality, knowledge and ability to capture the audience in an interactive way, make her a much-appreciated inspirer. Her sharp innovative eye for customer experience, staff capacity, development and results create long-term retention, sales and profits.


“Create a lifestyle with no best-before-date”


XLNT LifeStyle has proven that balancing the overall picture is a winning concept to create excellent sustainable lifestyle.

“A really good coach is someone who work from out of experience & results”

Winning Mindset

Pia is a pioneer within the wellness industry, bringing new concepts and developing international leaders. She’s a winner that brings the team with her. Pia has tremendous knowledge of wellness, performance, sports and nutrition.


“People don’t care how much you know – until they know how much you care”


As the Swedish and European Champion, she has successfully represented Sweden in World Cup Sports Aerobics. As a young woman with a winners mindset, she also reaped high levels of success in Equestrian show jumping.

NIKE Endorsement

She has close to twenty years as a Global Brand Ambassador for Nike International, contributing with her expertise and prominence.

"Just do it"

When it all started

Pia was born and raised by entrepreneurial parents in Astrid Lindgren's hometown Vimmerby, Sweden. She was inspired by Pippi Longstocking and Emil in Lonneberga's fearless creativity and energy. That has been the foundation to her straightforward, strong, successful and contagious leadership qualities.


She has lived in USA for several years but calls Gothenburg, Sweden her homebase. Pia believes in being the pilot in charge of Your own life.


Would You like for her to be Your wing mate?

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